The result of a football match is fortunately not gotten by luck. There are a whole set of criteria to take into account in order to make a good forecast that will enable you to earn quite a good amount of money from soccer betting.

Know first that it is impossible for a free football prediction for today to be 100% winning, and if a tipster promises you of 100% winning from his games. Then, you should beware of him.

Even the most successful free football prediction site can never guarantee you a hundred percent winnings with their free football prediction for today. There will always be this little bit of “bad luck” that can make you lose; it’s always good to have this in mind before betting.

What are the principles to take into account to make good football predictions?

The outcome of a match is neither scientific nor mathematical, even if the bookies rely on their great knowledge and prowess of statistics to get us out of the odds. Football players like all athletes are human beings, and mental or physical failure is entirely possible at any time. This luck factor is always present until the final whistle. Given the number of criteria to take into account, we understand the difficulty of predicting a good football match. The is also the reason why free football prediction site do not provide hundred percent guarantees on their games.

Here is a list of laid down principles to make good football predictions. This list is of course not all-inclusive, but it allows you to gather a set of conditions to make you succeed with this game.

The ranking or table standing of the teams before their meeting

The first thing to check for a successful forecast is to look at the ranking of the two teams in their respective leagues. A team at the top of the table should pensively beat a team at the down of the table. For European competitions such as the league of champions or Europa league, we can base ourselves on the notoriety of the championships to get a first idea of ​​the final result, knowing that the championships of Spain of Germany and Italy are currently the most famous.

The state of form: a vital point to make a good prediction on the football game

Watching the results of the last three to five games of each soccer team is the best way to see the current fitness of a team. The classification does not reflect everything: it is possible for a team to experience a slump or a period of euphoria and since the forecast of a football match is made on a specific moment it is ideal to know the number of wins of draws and losses over this short period.

The psychological state of both teams can influence the choice of the prognosis


The mental state is also critical in the behavior of a team during a football match. It is essential to read the press and be at the ready of the psychological state of the players to find the trend of the score of a match. Even the best team in the world can have a moment of doubt during a competition, we all remember this famous World Cup semi-final or Brazil suffered this terrible disillusionment with Germany, the absence of their star player killed their morale and caused a pressure that undoubtedly disturbed the players.

The influence of the weather in a football match

Depending on the habits of a team to play in a dry, hot climate or otherwise rainy and cold can have its influence on European and international matches. Regarding the matches of the same league, this fact is much less relevant.

The heavy load of the calendar of the big teams: championship, national cup, European cup

Major European teams play on several levels: domestic cup, leagues, European Cup. The accumulation of matches over a season is really impressive. It is sometimes necessary to choose to favor one or the other of the competitions to be able to preserve the state of form of the players. Fatigue is felt at one time or another, especially at the end of the season. Having a large squad is essential, but sometimes changing players are also losing the automatisms that make certain games win. It is not uninteresting to stake on the defeat of a team at the weekend in the league after its big European match of the week.

Make your football predictions yourself

If you regularly follow free football prediction sites or facebook prediction pages you can fall at times on quick predictions. You have to know how to make these choices yourself, decide and do the studies necessary to make the good decisions that will earn you money. Doing your own experience is necessary in order to evolve and become a good tipster.

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