Quite often you will hear a soccer bettor say, “There is no chance that this team will lose this game because my favorite free football tips for the day predicted that this team would win.”

In fact, it would be legitimate for a favorite to win, but is the probability that this team wins better than the proposed odds? Playing with this state of mind can be dangerous! It’s like you’re saying that a popular flat-screen TV is a great opportunity, even if it’s expensive, just because you really want it. It does not work like that with bets. Alas!

Value is a concept that most bettors do not understand or take into account. Because bettors do not pay attention to this detail, it’s good for others who can have excellent opportunities by studying this setting

Basic Mathematics and calculations

If you’ve already said “I’m not good at calculations. Then you’re probably not good at betting either. When most bettors are successful only because of the feeling of a bet, long-term success can only be explained by a defined strategy of your bets and an understanding of odds concerning probability.

In summary, it’s a numbers game, and you need to be at least comfortable with divisions and multiplications.

Understanding how the bookies provide their odds

It depends on the popularity of an event, but in general, bookmaker odds are a reflection of bettors’ tendency more than the odds of a result. Obviously, it’s not that easy but to explain it better, bookmakers offer odds based on the attractiveness of the public, so you are tempted to play for each team and to recover a commission.

That said, smart bettors can find value in betting when other players are wrong. It also means that a very good value can be found in a very popular event for the occasional bettors, who know nothing or very little about the strategy of the experienced bets.


Live for the moment; do not dwell in the past

Do not let a recent defeat ruin your game. Keep it in mind, we always learn from our mistakes, but also tell yourself that the wheel turns and be positive after each failure. In the same way, do not celebrate a victory too long and do not surf on the wave of euphoria for a long time. Stay focused with your analysis and keep your plans in mind.

You should at least have a reasonable bankroll to start with

You want to make money; you ought to have a bankroll that enables you to take the first losses. Consider that you bet in unity. If at each bet you bet 1 unit, we recommend that you have at least 50 units on your account at a minimum.

Ok, let’s assume you can have $ 1000 on your account and always stake on the free football tips today, so that means that on average a wager for a bet will be $ 20. It seems derisory compared to your bankroll but prudence and patience are also needed. Having $1000 of bankroll can quickly turn into a little treasure in your eyes if you have a strategy based on a search for value in the odds and on an intelligent use of your bankroll when you bet.

Say you make 200 bets a year. Let’s also say that they are averaged on odds of 1.90. If you get a winning percentage of 54%, you can get at the end of the year a bankroll of $1100 if you consider your chances of victories as regular on the long term.

Not so bad, is it? Of course the most difficult part is to keep the return of 5% and also to keep this regularity as long. But the main idea here is to show how a bankroll can evolve quickly by becoming a source of generous profit in the long run through a strategy of your bets.

No need to trying to make an exciting match by placing a bet

You might have soccer bettors say: “Oh, I place bets to make the match interesting.” This is normal; but in this case, do not expect to be a long-term winner.

If you want to make a competition or an interesting match, join a virtual league on the internet and offer free football tips for the day where you do not play with real money.

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