This article is aimed at soccer bettors who want to create a source of income through soccer betting, you are at the right spot. We’ll provide you with the main points you will need to become and remain a boss in soccer betting.

The specialization

It may seem understandable, but we can’t be good everywhere, and if you can be successful with sport betting on the long run, the best way to be profitable is to focus on a particular sport or even a single league. Expert football tipsters focus on only soccer matches; so that’s why they are successful with soccer betting.  Whatever sport you choose, it is important if you want to remain an investor and not be an average punter.

In this case, we’ll talk about the football tips: the specialization simply means to be informed regularly of the major events, injured players, and transfers, declaration of trainers or unusual players.

Specializing also includes a fairly pre-match analysis, even if you intend to take live bets: you have to consider the present motivation of a team: does it seek to preserve itself to a very important match in 3 days? This or that cup is not a major goal of the club

Finally, the statistics are a decisive factor to take into account in the pre-match analysis: in particular, the number of goals scored and cashed that indicate the possible weaknesses or strengths of a team, but also the ratio between home and outside (such team is significantly better at home.




To appropriately follow-up your soccer bets, you ought to have a significant period of reference; at least three months and ideally one year or more, to avoid falling into the trap of losing your bets.

When you have a long reference period, there are several questions to ask yourself such as:

Did I always make my bet after a careful and focused analysis? If your answer is no, Then, you already have an improvement track

What types of bets are most beneficial to me? (Over/under, handicaps, half-time, etc?

Which range of ratings is the most profitable? For example, on odds above 3, you only have 4 wagers out of 20 winners, so you lose money in the long run with these odds, and so on.

The analysis of your follow-ups will reveal your weaknesses and your strengths. It is at this moment that I advise to concentrate only on your profitable bets, and to go to look elsewhere only in case of very big confidence in your prognosis.

This analysis also allows you to define your style, and in a way to assert your bettor personality. It is fundamental to gain confidence in oneself and its predictions, and so to be able to increase with more serenity your bets.



It may also be wise to use the experience gained by other successful winners in the long run who have taken part in football tipsterscompetition and had also achieved a lot with soccer betting.

It is possible that a very good expert football tipster knows a bad series of 3 or 4 months negative; however, to fully benefit from their experience, it is best to follow these expert football tipsters for a long time, at least for one full season

Only one criterion is really decisive: its results. If this expert football tipster has been profitable on a large number of previous bets, then if you follow it for a long time, you will be too.

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